Audio-Technica unleashes new line of high-res earbuds and headphones

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 6, 2017, 5:00 pm CST
Audio-Technica unleashes new line of high-res earbuds and headphones

Audio-Technica has introduced a new line of high-res audio headphones and earbuds, the new Sound Reality series. This line is composed of the ATH-CKR100IS, the ATH-CKR90IS, and the ATH-CKR70IS earbuds, as well as the over-ear headphones ATH-DSR9BT and ATH-DSR7BT. Both of the latter models are wireless with Pure Digital Drive technology. Finally, there’s the over-ear ATH-SR9 headphones.

The Sound Reality line of headphones are targeted at audiophiles and other discerning music lovers who use high-resolution audio formats and want headphones that can match that quality. Talking about this, Audio-Technica’s Crystal Griffith said, “Digital audio reproduction has never sounded better, and our Hi-Res Audio-compliant Sound Reality models enable listeners to fully enjoy the sonic benefits of high-resolution audio and other high-quality recordings.”

The ATH-CKR70IS is the cheapest of the earbud models at $99 USD, featuring 11.8mm drivers alongside stabilizers and a linear diaphragm movement. The next step up is the ATH-CKR90IS, a pair of earbuds with a dual-phase push-pull driver system alongside both 10.4mm and 13mm drivers. This model costs $189 USD. Finally, as far as the earbuds go, are the ATH-CKR100IS, a model with a detachable cable, a 45,000Hz frequency response, and a price of $389 USD.

Joining those are the ATH-SR9 headphones with 45mm drivers, a carbon-coated diaphragm, and oxygen-free copper coils. This model will be priced at $449 USD. The two over-ear Bluetooth models, meanwhile, will be priced at $549 USD (DSR9BT) and $299 USD (DSR7BT). These headphones are set to drop this upcoming spring season.

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