Audio-Technica offers AT-LP2D-USB USB turntable

Last month I mentioned a new USB turntable that Audio-Technica had debuted called the AT-LP120-USB. The turntable was cool and could turn your vinyl into digital tracks, but the thing was very expensive at almost $500. Today Audio-Technica has debuted a new USB turntable that is much cheaper called the AT-LP2D-USB.

The new AT-LP2D-USB turntable has a much lower MSRP of $229. Despite the lower cost the turntable is still full featured with support for 33-1/3 and 45 rpm records and a balanced aluminum platter. The device has a Dual Magnet stereo cartridge with a replaceable stylus. The turntable also has a tone arm with a soft damping control.

The turntable also ships with Cakewalk Pyro software for PCs and Audacity for Mac or PC for converting the vinyl to audio files. The device connects to the computer via USB and the USB cable is included.