Audible reveals William Gibson's Alien script as audiobook drama

Amazon's audiobook service Audible has revealed plans to turn the Alien III script by William Gibson into an audiobook drama. This will be the first time the script has been as an audiobook, bringing the unfilmed installment in the popular franchise to life. The new offering, which is available for pre-order, will join Audible's existing Alien content.

William Gibson, the author of science fiction novel Neuromancer, wrote an Alien III script that had been intended as a sequel to the installment from James Cameron. The script was never turned into a movie, but it was recently published in the form of a Dark Horse Comics graphic novel. Now Audible is here is a more engaging version of the unfilmed script.

The new audiobook is a cinematic multicast dramatization, which means it includes sound effects and multiple voice actors — listeners get more than a simple audiobook. The dramatization is directed by Dirk Maggs and contains more than 20 narrators, including Michael Biehn in his role as Corporal Hicks.

Audible's audiobook will introduce listeners to the Sulaco military ship as it returns from LV-426 with the movies' familiar crew in a cryogenically frozen state. The story's characters include Ripley, Hicks, Bishop, and Newt.

The script itself has been available online for years, achieving an element of fame among diehard Alien franchise fans. Audible has previously published original Alien-related audiobooks, including "Out of the Shadows," "River of Pain," and "Sea of Sorrows." All three audiobooks feature high listener ratings and critical reviews.

The audiobook is available to pre-order from Audible now for $8.95.