Audi TT offroad concept car sports two electric motors

Audi presented a four-door concept car at the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, showcasing the brilliance of combining the efficacy of a compact SUV with the sportiness of a coupe. While Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development, would like us to believe that this concept is a glimpse of how future TT models would be, we would still like to focus on details such as the plug-in hybrid drive with two electric motors and consumption of 1.9 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

The system output in the plug-in hybrid drive is 300 kW and the option of inductive charging further enhances mobility. The show car can currently accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in merely 5.2 seconds. Slam your foot on the pedal and the car reaches the electronically governed top speed of 250 km/h (155.3 mph) without any fuss. Keeping in mind the eco-effect, the car spews out CO2 equivalent of 45 grams per kilometer (72.4 g/mile).

If we talk about the driving range of the car, you can expect to go to about 50 kilometers or 31.1 miles using the electric power alone. This means that there are zero local emissions within this range. The total range for the car is up to 880 kilometers (546.8 miles). A liquid-cooled, lithium-ion battery containing eight modules is found in front of the rear axle. The battery stores up to 12 kWh of energy, which is sufficient for the electric range of 50 kilometers.

Like we mentioned before, the show car works well with the Audi Wireless Charging technology for contactless inductive charging. This is how it works: A plate with a coil and an inverter is integrated to the parking spot of the car, which is hooked to the power grid. When you park the car onto the plate, the charging commences and stops automatically when the battery is fully charged.

In essence you have three driving mode for the car, The EV Mode, The Hybrid Mode and the Sport Mode. As the name suggests, in the EV Mode, the focus is on electric driving; in the Hybrid Mode the electric motor assumes the role of a generator and all three drives work together. In the Sport Mode, the full system output is made available to the driver, giving him the speed and range advantage. Talking about the chassis, the Audi TT offroad concept appears sporty and can easily tackle light terrain due to its high ground clearance, short overhangs and E‑tron quattro all-wheel drive.

The car also features two Audi driver assistance systems: the intersection assistant (to avoid side-impact collisions) and online traffic light information technology (connects car via cell phone network to the central traffic computer). The latter is an interesting feature as it shows the driver what speed it should travel at, in order to get the next traffic light as green. Design-wise we think the Sonora Yellow outer skin suits the body language well. On the board, the Audi virtual cockpit hosts a 12.3‑inch TFT display, which is capable of showcasing high-quality 3D graphics.

There is a dedicated Audi phone box that syncs the driver's cell phone to the on‑board electronics and can charge the device via induction. Three Audi Smart Displays with mobile infotainment integrated serve as the on-board media management systems. Functions like DVD or TV streaming and Internet connection via Audi connect at LTE speed with Android operating system (Google Chrome and Google Play store), make it a tech-savvy car. You can check out the complete details for this concept car here.