AT&T's Threat Defender is a mobile game no one asked for

Sometimes companies and even governments release their own online or mobile games, and though the reasons vary, they're usually not that great. AT&T's own mobile game, Threat Defender, is no different. It is, to put it frankly, a game no one asked for and no one wants, though it's not hard to see how a little more effort could have resulted in something worth downloading.

It's odd that the game even exists, and at first glance it looks something like a cheap security app. It's not, though; it's something of an 'action' game, only one that is very simplistic and unrefined, and makes little effort to distance itself from the ad that no doubt exists at its core.

There are a couple stages in the game, which informs the player about some type of threat like phishing. The player then 'defends' against those threats in a stage of a city that looks like it was cobbled together in a free image editor. The first stage, for example, is glorified Pong, tasking players with moving small circles in front of 'threats' that looks like spores or monsters.

That's it. AT&T points users toward its own Cyber Security Solutions and Threat Intellect technologies/services, but it's hard to imagine how this would serve as any kind of effective advertisement. If you're looking for a strategy game, or actual action, look elsewhere.

SOURCE: Google Play