AT&T’s ‘Sponsored Data’ scheme gets a partner

Nate Swanner - Jul 11, 2014, 12:25 pm CDT
AT&T’s ‘Sponsored Data’ scheme gets a partner

AT&T’s scheme for sponsored data is taking shape. The carrier has teamed up with Syntonic Wireless, which will serve as a conduit for free roaming. What began as a trial run and a few partners is quickly blooming into a new platform.

If you’re unfamiliar with the “sponsored data” idea, it’s pretty simple. Rather than you being billed for data charges, AT&T will instead bill the company you’re visiting. If you want to visit the ESPN website (who happen to be partners, here), it will not count against your monthly data allotment.

According to AT&T, this will soon work with both mobile web traffic as well as within apps. Via AT&T’s sponsored data FAQs, it works like this:

A customer may access an application for healthcare from their insurer. Within the application, there is an educational video. The customer sees the AT&T Sponsored Data name, identifying that the video is sponsored. When the customer clicks the icon to play the video, the data usage incurred while watching the video is not applied to the customer’s monthly data allowance.

The scheme doesn’t affect all data, though. According to AT&T, sponsors choose which content is offered to us for free. You might visit the ESPN app or page, but only that highlight video is sponsored. Syntonic, though, is offering a portal to view free content only, so you won’t have to wade through an app to find free content.

Via: Fierce Wireless

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