AT&T ZERO Charger promises to kill "vampire draw"

While most people probably don't have several review cellphones lying around on their desk at any one time, the trickle of juice soaked up by even just one cellphone charger left unplugged is enough to add an unpleasant bump into your power bill.  AT&T have decided to do something about that – at least in part – and so they've announced the AT&T ZERO Charger, a PSU that apparently has no standby draw whatsoever.

That means you can unplug your cellphone when it has finished charging but leave the ZERO Charger itself plugged into the mains, without worrying about how much current it might still be drawing.  So far the AT&T Zero isn't available for sale, but you can sign up for more information and the carrier will get in touch when they're in stock.

Still, we can't help but wonder why AT&T aren't pushing to simply include one of these in the box with every new handset they sell, rather than expecting owners to pick them up as an accessory.  We've already seen at least one handset sold without an AC adapter in the box – based on the assumption that most people will already have one lying around the house somewhere – plus it's cheaper for the manufacturer themselves.