AT&T willing to unlock devices for customers

The recent law that went into effect in January that states that it is illegal to unlock your phone without the carrier's permission has definitely ruffled a lot of feathers, and while most carriers are weary of unlocking their own devices, it seems AT&T doesn't want any part of the negativity that came with the new law, thus the company has clarified that it's willing to unlock devices if they have the proper information to do so.

AT&T has issued a statement on their Public Policy Blog stating that their policy is to unlock customers' devices if the customers have met the terms of their service agreements and we have the unlock code." If AT&T can get the unlock code from the manufacturer, then they are more than willing to unlock a device if the customer "has been active for at least sixty days."

Customers must also be in good standing with their contract, meaning no unpaid balances, and those who have "fulfilled his or her service agreement commitment." If all of these conditions are met, AT&T says that they can unlock up to five devices per account per year, which is usually more than enough for most users.

But of course, the kicker here is that your two-year contract (or whatever contract you're one) has to go through its cycle before you can be less loose with an unlocked phone of course. Either way, it's nice to see AT&T take some initiative and make an effort to get customers on their good side, rather than to lock down their customers.

[via Android Community]