AT&T will allow customers to use the iPhone on a prepaid plan

Chris Scott Barr - Jun 28, 2007, 3:48 pm CDT

If you’re excited about the iPhone, but worried that you’ll be hit with a big deposit because your credit isn’t up to snuff, don’t worry, according to some new AT&T documents, you’ve got some options.

First thing, get your credit checked while you’re in the store, otherwise if you have to pay a deposit, you’ll have to return to the store in order to do so. Even if you do have to pay, the deposit will only be $250, while that may sound like a lot, AT&T can normally ask for a deposit of up to $800 depending on your credit.

Though we still don’t have all of the details, if your credit is bad, AT&T is allowed to offer you the option of using your Apple iPhone with their Go Phone service. That’s right, an iPhone without a contract! No word on what kind of shape your credit has to be in to get this, or how much you’ll have to pay for a plan, but at least they have options for everyone.

AT&T to offer prepaid service on the iPhone after all [via MYiTablet]

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