AT&T ups early upgrade fee by $50 on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone

If your 2-year contract with AT&T isn't up, but you have been eyeing a new smartphone you should have purchased a few weeks ago. AT&T has confirmed to BGR that it has increased its upgrade fees for shorter 1-year contracts and for early upgrades. The new upgrade fee is $50 more on several popular smartphone categories.

The new $50 upgrade increase is applied to the Android phone, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, as well as all Windows Phones. If you are looking for a new smartphone on a 1-year contract that will set you back $150 more than before. I guess AT&T doesn't want that many folks trying to upgrade early.

AT&T points out that only early upgrade customers will be affected by the price increase. The discounted prices for people eligible for upgrades remain the same for now. I would assume this means that when the iPhone 5 does come out it will cost folks that are generally offered an early upgrade to the new iPhone from an existing model more loot. Perhaps the move is in preparation for the iPhone 5.

[via Android Community]