AT&T unveils new Voicemail Viewer app

AT&T has announced a new application that will let users keep in touch with voicemail from home using their smartphone while they are on the road. The new app is called Voicemail Viewer. The app is able to list your home voicemail messages and allows the user to choose which one s to listen too. The app will also notify when new messages are received.

The user can mark voicemails as read or unread and is able to forward voicemails via email. The app also allows the user to add new contacts to their smartphones address book from the voicemails. The app is offered to U-verse Voice customers are no additional charge.

The app will work with the iPhone, Blackberry, iGoogle, and Windows Vista Sidebar. The service will also let the user combine voicemail boxes for the home and mobile phones into one box. The app is available to download for the mobile devices supported right now.