AT&T Unlimited Elite ditches throttling based on data usage

AT&T customers who subscribe to its Unlimited Elite tier of service are getting new additions to their service at no additional cost. AT&T says Unlimited Elite offers unlimited high-speed data that doesn't slow down based on how much is used and includes 5G speeds. Starting this week, the Unlimited high-speed data no longer gets throttled based on how much data the user consumes.

Along with removing limitations that would've slowed data speeds in the past, AT&T is also increasing the mobile hotspot allowance to 40 gigabytes. That represents a 10-gigabyte increase compared to the previous allotment. Customers will also see video streaming resolution increase to 4K UHD.

AT&T stresses that users on the plan don't have to do anything; the new upgrades will be added automatically at no additional cost. AT&T promises that it's rolling out the enhancements this week. Elite customers everywhere will receive a text message notifying them the benefit was added when it's ready to roll in their area. Unlimited Elite has always added HBO Max at no additional cost, and the ability to stream 4K UHD resolution was added to support the available programming there.

The plan continues to include ActiveArmor security built-in. The feature automatically protects users with 24/7 network security features, including automatic fraud call blocking and suspected spam risk alerts. The device also has a free AT&T Mobile Security app that enables an advanced set of security features, including identity monitoring, safe browsing, and more.

AT&T Unlimited Elite starts at $50 a month per line when four lines are added. It does include unlimited talk, text, and data. The unlimited talk, text, and data also extends to Mexico and Canada, but speeds can be reduced to 2G.