AT&T U-verse customers can get industry's first wireless receiver on Oct 31

I think in every place I have ever lived I have stood in at least one room and wondered why the builder put the cable outlet in that spot. Generally, if you want the cable outlet on another wall you end up having to get a new outlet added to the room or running a cable under the floor or across the room. If you live in an AT&T U-verse area you will have a new option starting on October 31 that will make it a snap to get your U-verse box in any room you want, on any wall, without having to use wires or cables even if that room has no outlet.

The device that will give you this flexibility is the AT&T U-Verse Wireless Receiver (PDF). AT&T claims this is the first wireless receiver in the industry. The wireless receiver opens a world of possibilities for TV fans. For instance if you want to watch the big game out on your patio, you can move your set and the wireless box outside with no issues at all. The single receiver can now serve multiple rooms as well. AT&T also says that the set up of the U-Verse service in the home is easier for the tech with the new wireless receiver.

The wireless receiver works by picking up the content delivered from a wireless access point that is near the residential gateway on the WiFi system in the home already. The Wireless Receiver is made by Cisco and all of the U-Verse internet packages will include wireless home networking at no extra cost. The Wireless Receiver will be offered for a one-time fee of $49 and then the standard $7 monthly receiver rental fee applies.