AT&T threatens customer with legal action for emailing CEO

I guess Steve Jobs is ruining things for CEOs all around the country. Say what you want about Steve, but if you email him he will often respond personally and these response may only be a single sentence or he may call you crazy, but respond he will and without legal threats.

Apparently, one AT&T customer thought he would get in contact in a similar way to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. Stephenson unlike Jobs didn't take the time to call the customer crazy or even respond before handing the email off to executive response staff member to tell the customer that if he emailed the CEO again a cease and desist letter would be issued.

Apparently, it took two emails from the customer before the legal threat was issued. A tool of a CEO threatening perturbed customers with legal action for emails that aren't even particularly rude shows just what the head of AT&T really thinks about customers as if the new pricing plans for data didn't tip us off already. If you want to go for your own cease and desist letter, the Consumerist lists the contact info for Stephenson here.