AT&T takes top spot in mobile customer service

AT&T has managed to beat out all its rivals in the latest mobile phone customer service survey conducted by Vocalabs, despite being ranked worst by Consumer Reports. According to data collected from the firm's survey, which involved telephone interviews immediately following a customer service call during the last three-month period in 2011, AT&T had the highest percentage of customer satisfaction among the four major US wireless carriers.

The survey found that 69% of AT&T customers surveyed were "Very Satisfied" with their customer service experience. This is an improvement from the 65% ratio the year before. AT&T also dethroned the Now Network, which dropped 12 points to 59%. Tying with AT&T a year ago at 65%, T-Mobile has dropped 17 points to a miserable 48%, while Verizon remains unchanged at 60%.

Apparently, AT&T was able to improve customer service without its proposed T-Mobile acquisition, despite its arguments otherwise. However, T-Mobile's customer service ratings appear to have collapsed along with the failed merger. Perhaps after some regrouping, T-Mobile will be able to recover this year. It was recently revealed that T-Mobile is offering additional support for unlocked iPhone customers on its network.