AT&T Smartphone Owners Forced to Have a Plan

So, we had some good news from AT&T a bit ago, but it looks like AT&T wants to basically undercut any good forthcomings they may have. At least, that's how we imagine many people are going to see this. If you have a smartphone on AT&T already, then this probalby won't mean much to you at the moment; but if you plan on upgrading, or even getting onto AT&T for the first time and plan on getting a smartphone, then it's looking like you'll be spending a bit more money.

Starting September 6th, AT&T is going to mandate that all customers with a smartphone must have a smartphone data plan tied to the line. However! If you have a smartphone already, then you're going to get some grandfather action, and you won't need to change your plan at all. If you have a feature phone with a data plan and upgrade to a smartphone after September 6, you'll be paying the extra costs. So, why is AT&T doing this? They want customers to have a predictable bill each month.

So, we're not exactly sure what the problem is with people's bills already, or why they're not predictable (especially if they have data plans already on there), but it looks like it's happening one way or another. And yes, it's a safe assumption that most people who have a smartphone are utilizing the current plans available to them, but there are people out there who just think smartphones look better, have more basic functionality or full keyboards, and don't want to pay for browsing the internet if they're never going to do it. Sure, AT&T might want people to have a better bill and better experience, but let's face it: they want more money, and this is a great way for that to hapen.

[via Boy Genius Report]