AT&T slashes price on HTC Vivid and Samsung Skyrocket

If you like AT&T's network and have the need for a new Android device at a good price the wireless carrier has slashed some serious money off a couple very interesting smartphones. AT&T has chopped $100 each off the launch price of the HTC Vivid smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket smartphone. Both of these smartphones also operate on the new AT&T LTE network.

The new Vivid handset will sell for $99.99 with the Skyrocket selling for $149.99. This sends both devices well within the range of competitive warfare against the LTE range from Verizon, though one should know that the LTE network with AT&T is still just developing and may not be in all areas for quite some time. Find out if LTE is in your area and know before you go!

The new prices on these devices were only showing up on the phone specific pages, not the generic pages for all smartphones .This might mean the deals aren't good in stores, but we don't know that for certain. It's also worth noting that the Skyrocket with LTE is now $50 cheaper than the normal Galaxy S II which does not connect via AT&T's LTE network. Check out our reviews of both devices in our Review portal.

[via Android Community]