AT&T Samsung Epix SGH-i907 reviewed: Good, but too much trialware

Samsung's Epix SGH-i907 has a lot riding on it.  Its AT&T predecessor, the BlackJack II, was a highly regarded Windows Mobile smartphone, and the competition has only got better since then.  On paper, the Epix looks pretty good: 3G HSPA, WiFi b/g, aGPS and a 2-megapixel camera; PocketNow have been testing it out to see whether it lives up to its listings.

The good news is that battery life, stability, controls and connectivity are all decent.  Reviewer Brandon Miniman managed to eke out a day and a half of use before the Epix's battery expired; expect 3-4 days with light use.  The optical mouse, as seen on the Samsung Omnia i900, also works well, and there were no obvious bugs.

Less impressive is the shape, which manages to feel bigger than the smartphone actually is thanks to the brutal edges.  There's also a distinct absence of any real attempt to make Windows Mobile more usable; in fact, the only real additions are trial subscriptions. 

Overall, though, this looks to be a decent handset.  Just expect to have to pay a little more than the $199.99 AT&T sticker price to give it the software it deserves.

AT&T Samsung Epix SGH-i907 unboxing:

[thanks Sarah!]