AT&T rolling upgrade dates back for early iPhone 3GS buyers [Updated]

The evidence that a new iPhone is coming this June is mounting. First, we had Gizmodo and the infamous lost iPhone HD device the publication ran a series of stories on the device that ultimately led to a raid on one editor's home. Today we have already mentioned that a second iPhone HD prototype has been leaked online confirming the A4 CPU.Updated after the cut

The newest tidbit of info that points to new iPhone coming this June comes in the form of some early buyers of the iPhone 3GS reporting that their upgrade dates have been pushed up by AT&T. The users who bought the iPhone 3GS early had an upgrade date of November 21.

Those upgrade dates have now been moved to June 21. Presumably, the move in dates for early adopters means that they will be set to buy the new iPhone HD when it lands. Interestingly the rumor that Apple has the Yerba Buena Arts Center locked down for June 22 fits nicely with the changed upgrade dates. I bought my iPhone 3GS a month or so after the device came out and my upgrade date hasn't changed. I can get a discounted update in August.

Update: AT&T have been in touch, and unfortunately for iPhone 3GS owners looking to upgrade, the situation isn't so clear cut.  The carrier tells us "there has been no change in policy around eligibility dates. Our existing policy aims to allow customers to upgrade to new devices as early as possible – exact timing is based on a variety of factors (length of contract, payment history, etc.) unique to each customer's account.  We constantly update our systems based on these factors, meaning some customers become eligible earlier than they anticipated."