AT&T reportedly rolls FaceTime over cellular to all customers

There were many unhappy AT&T subscribers when the wireless carrier prevented them from using FaceTime over cellular networks. Early on, the only time iPhone or iPad users could use FaceTime was when they were connected to a Wi-Fi network. Earlier this month we mentioned that AT&T had changed that policy.

However, when AT&T announced that it was rolling out FaceTime to cellular customers there were caveats. Notably you had to be using a tiered data plan and a LTE device. Those caveats limited use to the iPhone 5 or the iPad with LTE connectivity.

Reports are coming in that AT&T has now quietly expanded support for FaceTime over a cellular connection to all customers. Some customers have reported that their grandfathered unlimited data plan iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S devices are now supporting FaceTime over the cellular network.

This was confirmed by a number of users over on the MacRumors forms. However, it's worth noting that some users of those devices on unlimited data plans report that they still can't access FaceTime over the mobile network. That could mean that the service isn't rolled out to all users yet. However, it could mean that AT&T has made some sort of mistake allowing that access at all since it hasn't bragged about it officially. If you're on an unlimited grandfathered AT&T data plan, let us know if you can do FaceTime over your mobile network.

[via MacRumors]