ATT raising A la Carte texting prices again

James Allan Brady - Jan 28, 2008

That’s right; they are giving out another five cent price bump to the text messaging price. That means that text messages will be 20 cents each and MMS messages will be 30 cents each unless you have a plan for one or both of those.

It will take effect March 30th this year and will take it one step closer to making a phone call, even if it’s over your monthly minutes, cheaper. I think Sprint was the one to initiate the price hike last time, so I guess that means its either Alltel’s, Verizon’s, or T-Mobile’s turn to raise the price next time.

Chances are that the other carriers will follow suit, so expect those price hike announcements soon as well. Just as a reminder, you can try and get your contract cancelled early without the early termination fee, but all the networks pretty much put an end to that the last time they raised the price as they decided it wasn’t a material change in your contract.

[via mobileburn]

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