AT&T partners with Fon to boost international WiFi hotspot availability

Soon after finalizing an acquisition that will help boost its 4G LTE coverage, AT&T has partnered with Fon to offer a slew of new international wireless hotspots for it subscribers who are traveling overseas. Says the carrier, this deal gives its users access to "hundreds of thousands" of wireless Internet hotspots, while Fon members in turn will be given access to AT&T's network of WiFi hotspots located in the United States.

The announcement was made today by AT&T, who is offering the wireless hotspots to those who have an AT&T Data Global Add-On package, of which there is both a 300MB and 800MB option. With these two mobile international data packages comes up to 1GB of WiFi access via hotspots for free, which is usable via the carrier's AT&T Wi-Fi International App.

Said Fon's CEO Nina Sodhi: "We are thrilled to team with AT&T to expand the Fon network in the United States. AT&T is a communications pioneer and U.S. Wi-Fi leader, and we are happy to be an important part of their global Wi-Fi strategy." An AT&T vice president — JR Wilson — also praised the move, saying it gives its subscribers better connectivity options overseas.

As mentioned, AT&T also recently completed its acquisition of assets from Alltel, of which it will spend the rest of this year and next updating and rolling out additional 4G LTE coverage. Such a move will bring fast mobile broadband access to rural areas, including regions in the Carolinas, Ohio, Idaho, Georgia, and more.