AT&T outs new USBConnect Force 4G USB modem

If you have a notebook that you like that lacks 3G or 4G connectivity inside you don't need to get a new notebook. What you need is a speedy USB modem to cram inside your rig. AT&T has announced a new USB modem for notebook users that plugs into your USB port and gives you access to the AT&T mobile broadband network.

The USBConnect Force 4G modem will be offered for free on a new two-year data plan starting on July 17. If you don't want a contract, the modem works on the AT&T pay-as-you go data network as well. With no contract, the modem is $89.99 and the user can choose their data plan via integrated activation procedures.

The modem also includes unlimited WiFi access to AT&T Hotspots with a domestic plan and can roam in more than 200 countries. The modem is built by Huawei and operates on the HSPA/HSPA+ and EDGE/GPRS networks AT&T runs. That means the data speeds aren't true 4G. This thing will work on Windows and Mac machines.