AT&T Offers New Trade-In Program For Old Phones

Were you thinking of switching to Verizon with all this hype about them now having the iPhone 4 minus the spotty service plus unlimited data plan? Well, not so fast because AT&T is pulling out all the stops to keep you–well kinda. Besides their secret unlimited data plan, AT&T is announcing today a new trade-in program in partnership with FlipSwap that will allow you to turn in your old devices for credit towards new ones.

"This is a new option we're bringing into our stores to offer even more value to our customers," said John Dwyer, senior vice president, Retail Sales Operations, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "Customers can now trade-in phones they no longer need and use the trade-in value to offset the expense of their new device or other services. We're excited to make this available across all of our company owned stores."

The trade-in value of your old devices will be determined by FlipSwap. So if you've got enough old devices laying around, you may rack up some nice change on that trade-in voucher, but you'll have to stick with AT&T to redeem it. The service will be available at all AT&T stores across the nation starting on February 13.

[Via Hot Hardware]