AT&T Offers Free Wi-Fi Access

Daniel Lim - Jan 24, 2008

Yes, it’s free but only at AT&T’s WIFI Hotspots and provided that you are also a subscriber to AT&T’s broadband service with 1.5-Mbps plan or higher.

AT&T has more than 10,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots in places like Airports, Bookstores, McDonald, Convention and Hotels. The free access is currently being offered for premium subscribers only, leaves majority of poorer folks like us in the dark. AT&T says the new offer will allow more than 10 million AT&T broadband customers to enjoy free access starting early next week.

Are you one of them? Lucky you, I can’t recall when was the last time my cable carrier throws in a free meal like this. They also reveal a faster 10 Mbps broadband plan U-verse customer at additional cost of $55 a month.

[via AT&T | phonemag]

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