AT&T offers DataConnect Pass for mobile broadband without contract

The problem for me with mobile broadband is that I only need it a few days out of the year. That said, when I need it I need it. The catch is that I don't use it enough to justify the $60 monthly cost of the average plan. If you are like me, AT&T has announced a new DataConnect Pass that makes mobile data flexible with day, week, and month passes with no contract.

The day pass offers 75MB of data and 24 hours of access for $15, the week pass offers 250MB of data and 7 days worth of access for $30, and the month pass has 500MB of data and 30 days of access for $50. The DataConnect Pass is available with AT&T certified netbooks and laptops only.

To use the DataConnect Pass customers need a previously unactivated SIM card to install into their computer. The SIM cards can be purchased at any AT&T location. Once the SIM card is installed into a compatible computer, a WiFi or Ethernet connection is needed to complete the setup.