AT&T offers $10 DSL service to first-time customers

If you've never had the pleasure of high-speed internet, I truly feel bad for you. I couldn't even imagine my life without a broadband connection. But if you really haven't had it before, or just haven't had DSL through AT&T, you can now get it for less than some people are paying for dial-up.

This past weekend AT&T released their $10 per month DSL package. They didn't make a big fuss out of it, in fact, they really didn't want a lot of people to know about it. The only reason that they are offering this is because it was mandated by the FCC that they introduce low-cost internet. If they did not comply, they could not acquire BellSouth.

The plan will get you 768kbps down and 128kbps up. Honestly, that's pretty reasonable, in fact that's the same as their $19.95 a month plan. You'll need to go to Bell South's internet services page and click on "term contract plans." You'll need to sign your life to them for a year, but if you're coming off of dial-up don't worry, you won't want to go back.

What is really cool about that mandate from the FCC is that within the next 6 months AT&T will have to offer a DSL plan that does not require the user to have a local phone line. That has always been one of the pitfalls of DSL, you'll pay more for the phoneline than you will for internet service.

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