AT&T is working on a Micro-SIM with "the industry"

In this case, I suspect "the industry" is actually Apple. AT&T worked on making the smaller SIM card before specifically for the iPhone 4 when it launched. AT&T's CEO Ralph de la Vega confirmed in an interview that AT&T would be working on a smaller SIM card along with the industry. He didn't specifically say that AT&T was working on a micro-SIM for Apple, though that is the thought. De la Vega said that the new smaller SIM would "probably" happen.

De la Vega said at the AllThingsD conference, "We think that making the card smaller and shrinking the size is a no-brainer." The new card would be smaller than the SIM card used right now in the iPad and iPhone 4. The smaller the SIM card the smaller the gadgets using the cards would be able to be made. Apple had been considering integrated SIM cards, but apparently has pulled back from that idea a bit presumably after carriers wouldn't go for the integrated card.

We have previously reported that Apple was working on a smaller micro-SIM card. This is the first time that AT&T has specifically been linked to the plan. In Europe, Apple has submitted the idea for the smaller SIM card to the ETSI, which is the European telecom standards body. The process to shrink the SIM card is expected to take a while to complete and the small SIM isn't expected to be seen in the next iPhone or iPad, but in the models coming after.

[via Electronista]