AT&T iPhone 4S limits at one per person

Reports today suggest that the iPhone 4S sales in the USA, or at least at AT&T stores, will be limited to one per person, with no differentiation made between normal sales and existing customer upgrades. In what is said to be an iPhone 4S training document sent out in PDF form to workers, AT&T has made clear that regardless of the purchases of said device being New, Upgrade, or No Commitment, "One device per person" is the limit. All said and done, this is half of what we could buy for the iPhone 4 launch. Not fair, what if I want to buy one for my rabbit?!

Looks like you'll have to bring your grandma along for the ride this time if you're going to get 2 iPhone 4S units on launch day, and if she's not available, good luck, because we're buying ours for ourselves! Along with the document picked up exclusively by ModMyi, we can see all the prices of every single iPhone device about to be offered by AT&T, including the iPhone 3GS for free, an exclusive to AT&T if we're to believe earlier reports on the matter.

What does this all look like to you? Look like something you're willing to drop some cash on? Head back to our early hands-on post on the device, then head to our giant iPhone 4S portal for all the information you could possibly want on that model. Then of course it's time to head to the bigger iPhone portal and know the truth about the whole line! Now we've only to wait for the next iPad, right?

[via ModMyi]