AT&T gives doctors and nurses three free months of phone service

AT&T has announced that it is providing doctors and nurses with free mobile service on its FirstNet network for first responders. The free period will last for three months and is available across the US, according to AT&T, which recently introduced a discounted $15/month plan for consumers hit by the economic downturn. The free period went live for new AT&T customers on April 13.READ: Cricket and AT&T Prepaid launch new $15 plan and ease data caps

The First Responder Network Authority teamed with AT&T to built the network called FirstNet, which is reserved for first responders. Starting today, AT&T says that nurses and physicians can get three free months of service on FirstNet.

The perk is added as an automatic service credit on tablet and smartphone lines for existing doctors and nurses on the FirstNet Mobile Responder plan.

New subscribers are also able to get the credit, according to AT&T, which says that it will give these customers a $200 activation credit if they activate a FirstNet Ready phone on the Responder plan. The FirstNet network offers some perks to first responders that they can't get from public networks, AT&T says, including things like always-on service and tested public safety apps.

This new offering joins the $15/month prepaid plan introduced by Cricket and AT&T Prepaid in late March. Under that, consumers can get 2GB of high-speed data, as well as unlimited calls and texts, at a low rate. The plan is temporary and designed to help consumers who have been financially impacted by the pandemic and quarantines.