AT&T getting Nokia 6750, says FCC

The FCC is always good for revealing where new devices will end up and this time is no different. In fact, A new filing shows that the Nokia 6750, a flip phone, will be appearing on AT&T in the near future.

This device also goes by the name of Mural and is a dual-band 3G handset. It features music keys for moving through your media, a camera and Bluetooth support. Media is stored on a memory card and the display is actually invisible until the device is turned on thanks to a mirrored shell.

And though AT&T availability is not named specifically, it is heavily implied by the fact that this is a 3G network capable phone and the draft user manual that shows compatibility with AT&T Video Share and Media Net services. We don't know when the Nokia 6750 will be released or how much it'll cost, but we'll be sure to keep you posted.