ATT Getting In On Black Friday Madness

That's right, even ATT wants their piece of the pie come this Friday. What are they doing to garner your attention? Try a 50% off sale on certain handsets.

Interested in the Samsung a737? Sony Ericsson w580i? BlackBerry Curve 8310? Pantech Duo? What about the Moto RAZR2? Well they are all half off, priced at $24.99, $24.99, $99.99, $99.99, and $149.99 respectively.

What I am wondering is how many people will see the BlackBerry Curve for $99, and then look at the Moto Razr 2 for $50 more and think, "hmm, I think I'd rather have the Razr", that's a different discussion though. Sure, ATT isn't offering a plane ticket for your signature on the contract, but if you are already where you want to be, or if you are more interested in a good phone for an even better price, ATT might be your stop of choice on Friday.

AT&T to challenge other carriers on Black Friday; Prepares amazing offers [via intomobile] via BGR