AT&T Galaxy S II Android 4.0 update squeezes out just before Google I/O

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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II owners can finally have a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich, the carrier has confirmed, with the 4.0 update dropping just ahead of Google I/O. The long-anticipated update will not be released as an OTA upgrade, however, and will instead require users to download Samsung's Kies app for Windows and OS X.

Once they've done that – and synchronized their Galaxy S II with the app – they'll be able to download the new firmware package and flash the phone. In the process some of the user-settings will have been changed or lost; email accounts added as a Social Hub, for instance, will be removed, as will any Bluetooth pairings, music playlists, equalizer settings, and contacts within Contact Groups.

Still, we imagine most people will be willing to put up with that for the benefits ICS brings. The platform is faster and smoother than Gingerbread, with resizable homescreen widgets, a new multitasking system, improved notifications and – handy for those with limited AT&T data bundles – a tracking system to show how much data you've crunched through.

"ICS updates are coming this summer for more AT&T Android devices" the carrier promises, though fails to specify which models. Given Google is expected to officially unveil Jelly Bean, the new version of Android, at Google I/O later this week, AT&T made it to the Galaxy S II in the nick of time. u