AT&T Galaxy Fold retail launch rescheduled to June

JC Torres - Apr 23, 2019, 10:02 pm CDT
AT&T Galaxy Fold retail launch rescheduled to June

It should have been Samsung’s glorious achievement, being the first to make the foldable dreams real. But whether it was due to hubris, haste, or truly inescapable limitations, the Galaxy Fold has turned out to be quite a nightmare for the manufacturer. It hasn’t given up though, apparently, and has just delayed the inevitable. The Galaxy Fold is still coming to the brave souls who pre-ordered the $2,000 prototype but they’ll have to wait more than a month to get it.

It could have been worse. Samsung could have shipped the Galaxy Fold to consumers before the problems started to pop up. It may not be as life-threatening as the Galaxy Note 7 but, given the money involved, it would be just as scandalous.

Samsung is reportedly already investigating the issue but there are already some reports on what went wrong. On the human side of the equation, it’s hard to deny that Samsung may have rushed things yet again, even if it was already working on foldable screens for years. On the technical side, the plastic OLED screens may not really be as ready for real-world use as Samsung’s automated tests suggested.

Either Samsung is confident it already has found a solution or it’s being foolhardy once again. According to some early adopters on Reddit, AT&T has contacted them that the new shipping date for their Galaxy Fold is set to June 13. That’s more than a month away and plenty can still happen in between.

Samsung will most likely just apply band-aid solutions considering it is far too late to make any significant changes. Especially if it plans to ship the phones in June. And while we may shake our heads at the eager beavers who seemingly threw away $2,000 for a fancy piece of unproven tech, it will also be thanks to them that consumers will know what not to buy in the near future.

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