AT&T Employees Blocked From Vacationing In June

Traditionally, leading up to the Summer season means that the tech industry cools down. Not as many announcements to go 'round all year, we imagine. But that's why we have to be thankful for Apple, because at least they keep us on our toes with all sorts of things. For example, we get a glimpse into the lives of AT&T employees. Or, better yet, the lives they aren't allowed to have.

Just as we've seen in the years past, it looks like AT&T employees are being blacked out from cashing in that vacation time this coming June. This is just a rumor for now, but Boy Genius Report has apparently gotten this confirmed with multiple AT&T sources. And, there's no real reason to think it isn't true, considering it fits well with the other rumors we've seen circling about. Plus, the timing is just right.

The curious thing, is the full blackout usually only comes with the iPhone is launching, and not just being announced. We've figured out that June 22nd seems to be the announcement date, but could that also be the official launch date, too? That would go against the whole July launch pattern that Apple has stuck to. But, with that SaskTel CEO confirming the iPhone would launch on July 1st on their network, maybe Apple is changing things up with the big ol' iPhone HD. If June is the day of days, then you know the rumors are about to ramp up ten-fold.

[via Boy Genius Report]