AT&T Digital Life Takes Home Automation Mainstream

AT&T has waded into the connected home security market, launching AT&T Digital Life, a web-connected digital lifestyle and safety system offering control over HVAC, alarms, appliances and more. Set to begin domestic trials in Atlanta and Dallas this summer, AT&T Digital Life uses wired and wireless internet-enabled sensors, power controls and cameras to turn computers, tablets and smartphones into remote controls and security monitoring stations for the user's home.

The carrier will use a combination of WiFi, Z-Wave and wired ethernet connectivity, along with embedded 3G modems, to get each part of the Digital Life system online. Up first will be cameras, window and door sensors, smoke/carbon monoxide/motion/glass-break sensors, door locks, thermostats, moisture detectors, and appliance power controls.

Each component will be professionally installed – there's no word on whether users will ever be able to buy DIY kits and install them themselves – and the overall system will be monitored by AT&T owned and operated 24/7 data centers. For the user, there'll be a new app for setting up custom behaviors and routines, and allowing for remote check-ins even while abroad.

The home security line isn't a flash in the pan for AT&T, either. The carrier has set up a new AT&T Digital Life group to monitor the trials this summer and work on developing the product range. Initially, trial customers will be able to use their own internet connections from any provider, but the implication looks to be that this may eventually demand an AT&T broadband hook-up if you want the system.

Pricing and a full commercial launch is yet to be confirmed.