AT&T details their ongoing 4G and Cloud strategy

This week AT&T made another push for 4G superiority, noting that they were pushing HSPA+ early on in the game and blended their service for the greatest speeds and best connectivity on the market. They noted that they made 150,000 network improvements over the past year, having now 99% connectivity uptime starting at the end of 2011. They noted that their Cloud services were IN the network rather than in an end service, a 3rd party vendor, that other networks are using. Built-in security and great uptime, again, were at the forefront of this Cloud up until now, and the future will continue to have both the uptime and simplicity on the whole.

AT&T Cloud Architect

Developers will be able to take advantage of a fully supported service in the near future from AT&T, it allowing them to have a powerful set of tools to create the services they want to give their users. A suite of user-oriented tools will be given to developers through this Architect service, a full API framework included. This new cloud capability for developers will be available for single or monthly prices and can be seen at in the future.

OpenStack Initiative

AT&T has formally announced their attachment to the OpenStack Initiative. Jim Currey, the Chief Stacker for OpenStack was invited on stage to speak about OpenStack. AT&T noted that they were the first major US carrier to join the initiative, CloudStack and AT&T's contributions to one another being touted as an exciting development for users across the map in the world of cloud computing. Such a lovely little table talk it was.