AT&T details Developer Program starts with API Platform

This week AT&T re-introduced themselves as a large proponent in the developer world for the mobile world, saying the apps that the developers create are the fundamental bits of the mobile experience. This developer program started all the way back in 1996, 16 years ago that is, much MUCH before the first "smart" phone. They began with their brand new API platform this week, this providing APIs, Tools, and Support to developers across the board, the development console powered by Apigee and the whole system based on HTML 5.

Ralph De La Vega introduced the AT&T Developer conference this week at CES 2012, moving on to David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer, John Donovan, Chief Technology Officer, Jeff Bradley, Senior VP of Devices, and more. With the API Platform at the start, David Christopher noted that the base, HTML 5, had a 15 billion member user base by 2016 projection on paper. The APIs in this program have been developed with user input at the start. The API catalog will contain Paymemts, U-verse and wireless, MMS

Joe Tafoya, CEO of Viva Vision stepped on stage to show off their program working with AT&T, football players creating apps – imagine that! Transactions in the applications they're creating work with a rather simple interface that allows sports heroes to deliver content to their fans with cash pushing in-app.

AT&T U-Verse was detailed next, it showing off 3.6 million subscribers in the third quarter of 2011 – that's a whole lot. What U-Verse essentially represents is a connectivity for you on your home WI-FI network. Apps like Miso, Buddy TV Guide, and Beam Browser use this functionality. Dorcot Osama Alshaykn stepped on board to show off Beam. With this Beam environment, you're able to see your interface on your tablet and your playing video on your television – simple concept, great results.

For just $99, users will be able to get on the API Platform – a great deal for those of you hoping to get on this train early on!