AT&T Cuts Message Roaming Fees With New Bundles

AT&T has announced some new messaging packages for those that travel a lot internationally. The new packages will keep you from paying those insane roaming fees when abroad. The new packages are available as of now and allow not only for text messages, but will also allow you to send picture and video messages as well. The new packages allow messaging from over 100 different countries for one low monthly rate.

The Global Messaging plans come in two tiers. The cheapest tier is the Global Messaging 200 plan that gives you 200 messages monthly for $30 a month. The largest plan is the Global Messaging 500 plan for $50 monthly. Those plans will be much cheaper for the traveler than the pre message roaming fees of 50 cents per text and $1.30 per picture or video message.

The price on the 200 plan works out to 15 cents per text. The announcement of the new plans doesn't offer a price for texts if you go over your allotment. Roaming messages are not deducted from the user's non-roaming message allotment if they have a domestic messaging package.