AT&T Cancelling iPhone 4 Pre-Orders; Ship Date Pushed to July 14th [Updated with AT&T statement]

Evan Selleck - Jun 16, 2010
AT&T Cancelling iPhone 4 Pre-Orders; Ship Date Pushed to July 14th [Updated with AT&T statement]

In light of receiving over 600,000 iPhone 4 pre-orders, it looks like AT&T just can’t catch a break. Then again, they may not be doing much to improve their situation, either. In fact, some might consider, that after seeing the below screen shot, that they’re actually working against themselves. According to one pre-ordering customer, it looks like AT&T sent them a generated email telling them that they were not, actually, getting an iPhone 4.

Updated with AT&T statement after the cut

This customer apparently put their pre-order in some time yesterday, and he was successful. So much so, that they got a confirmation number in an email a little while after pulling the trigger. But, not all good things stick around, because thanks to AT&T, they were just informed today that their pre-order was canceled. Why? Apparently they were “unable to verify” information that they submitted. Or, they had actually exceeded the amount of lines they were able to add to their account online. Apparently they aren’t sure. (It’s a generated email, we know it has to say that.)

ModMyi put in a call to AT&T, and apparently this is happening quite a bit. And, if that’s not bad enough, it looks like if you order your iPhone 4 right now? You won’t be receiving it until July 14th. We can hope that that gets pushed forward here real quick, but at the rate these new iPhones are flying off the digital shelves, even before they hit the digital shelves, well, it’ll probably only get longer. Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen anything like this, or if you’ve actually been the victim of your own generated email.

[via ModMyi]

Update: AT&T have been in touch with the following statement:

“Some customers who ordered online did not receive their order confirmation from AT&T yesterday, so they placed a second order. These customers can rest assured their order has been placed.  We simply balanced out the system on our end to reflect a single order. We are emailing these customers…and if they have questions we encourage them to get in touch”

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