AT&T bulking up network in preparation for cage fight with Verizon

I have never held my tongue on the state of the AT&T network when it comes to using my iPhone. My area has an atrocious number of dropped calls and 3G is very patchy and slow when it is available. Many AT&T users have the same issues as I with the network.

With new rumors and grumblings this week of a Verizon version of the iPhone surfacing, many AT&T users stuck with the carrier for the iPhone alone are seeing new light at the end of the tunnel. AT&T is apparently aware of the fact that the state of its network has left many disgruntled iPhone users.

According to the Wall Street Journal AT&T is beefing up its wireless network in preparation for a battle with Verizon over the iPhone. The network is improving in some areas, but many users still have the same old issues. Some analysts are saying that if AT&T doesn't fix the network there will be a huge exodus to Verizon when and if the iPhone lands there. I know if the network doesn't get better, I am gone as soon as I can get the iPhone on Verizon. Work fast AT&T.