AT&T Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge: here's when you can get it

With the Galaxy Note 7 out of the running, Samsung has focused its resources and marketing strategy on the Galaxy S7 and especially the Galaxy S7 edge. Just last week, it announced a variant of the curved smartphone in Singapore that bore a distinctive Blue Coral sheen. Although a Samsung representative did confirm that such a color would be coming to the US as well, it wasn't clear when that would actually happen. AT&T, however, has just let us know that it's all taking place next week.

Blue is the new black, after rose gold, pink, and, before that, gold. Apple may have missed the chance to capitalize on the azure hue, but others, like Google for example, didn't shy away from putting out a blue option. In fact, it has a "Really Blue" Google Pixel, which quickly ran out of stock, proving its popularity.

The Galaxy S7 edge Blue Coral, in contrast, isn't a glaring shade of blue. It's more subdued, lighter, almost like water. Which perhaps explains the name. Also unlike the Really Blue Google Pixel, the Galaxy S7 edge's blue hue covers not just the back but the top and bottom front panels as well. That said, there is no blue on the side edges.

Fortunately for lovers of all things blue, there is no price difference between this Blue Coral variant and the existing Black Onyx, Silver Titanium, and Gold Platinum Colors. It still goes for a full retail price of $795 or $26.50 per month for 30 months. The only difference is that, unlike the others, the Blue Coral edition will only start shipping sometime between November 18 and 22.