AT&T announces new Connection Kits for emerging device developers

AT&T has announced that it has new AT&T Connection Kits that are aimed at emerging device developers. The kits that are available include new models from Sierra Wireless, Telit Wireless Solutions, and ZTE. The new Connection Kit program promises the tools and environments that developers need to streamline device development and to optimize their performance for the AT&T network.

The Sierra Wireless Connection Kits use the AirPrime SL8080, and SL8090 embedded wireless modules. Those modules address both consumer and industrial applications. The SL8090 is also claimed to be one of the smallest high-speed HSPA+ modules in the industry and features voice, antenna diversity, and GPS support.

Telit Wireless Solutions' kit uses the Telit HE910 modules supporting EDGE, HSDPA, and HSPA+ connectivity, GPS, and more. The ZTE Connectivity Kits include the MF206A and the MF212 appropriate for low power consumption and integration in consumer or industrial applications. The kits support EDGE and HSDPA connectivity, GPS, and antenna diversity.

All the new AT&T Connection Kits include AT&T SIM cards, data capacity for testing, and access to the AT&T Control Center. These new Connection Kits build on AT&T's program for emerging device developers that has been available for a while. The kits start at right under $1000.