AT&T Amber Alert GPS helps keep kids safe

AT&T has announced the pending launch of a new product that helps parents keep their kids safe when they can't be with their children. The product is called the Amber Alert GPS device and will be available via AT&T for $129.99. The Amber Alert GPS is a communication and location device that will be available starting November 22.

The device is a smart GPS locator that features two-way calling and unlimited voice on AT&T Wireless networks. The GPS device allows parents to locate their kids using GPS mapping and call and speak to the children using voice communications.

AT&T will add the device to an existing Mobile Share Plan for $10 per month. The device is small weighing in at 1.5 ounces and can be carried in a pocket or a backpack. The GPS device can also send the parent a speed alert if the child is in a vehicle that exceeds a pre-determined threshold. Location alerts are automatically sent to parents if the child leaves pre-determined zones that the parent creates.

A secondary alert device is also built in that automatically sends an email to parents when the child presses the call button. A breadcrumb feature also lets parents track where their children have been. The device will be able to purchase online starting November 22.