AT&T adds new cheaper rate to GoPhone smartphone offerings

For many people prepaid mobile phone plans are the way to go. I think almost all of us universally hate the long contracts we're forced into for traditional mobile phone plans. AT&T has been offering its GoPhone prepaid smart phone plans for a long time.

The wireless carrier has now announced a new and more affordable prepaid smart phone plan that will appeal to many users. The new Monthly Unlimited Plan with Data offers unlimited talking and text with 1 GB of data per month for $65 monthly. The plan also features unlimited text messaging to Mexico, Canada, and over 100 other countries.

The new rate plan is aimed specifically at smartphone users and saves $10 per month compared to the previous plan. AT&T still offers a $50 monthly plan with unlimited talk and text messaging and $25 monthly plan with 250 minutes of talk and unlimited nationwide texting with optional data packages. Those plans are still available for smartphone users.

Along with the new rate plan, AT&T is also unveiling a new Android smartphone. The smartphone is the AT&T Fusion 2 and supports e-mail, apps, and web browsing for $99. Buyers of the Fusion 2 will also get access to AT&T's giant Wi-Fi network with more than 30,000 hotspots around the country.