AT&T adds home phone, Internet plans to prepaid service

Contracts have their place, but some subscribers look no further than prepaid offerings. As with most other carriers, AT&T offers prepaid subscription options under its GoPhone service, and as of this week those who use it have some new options for prepaid home phone service and Internet.

AT&T revealed yesterday that it has expanded its GoPhone service with Wireless Home Phone & Internet plans, each of them dependent on the subscriber buying the carrier's "Home Base" device through which the service is offered.

With this Home Base, which is portable and can be used just about anywhere, subscribers can use a wireless home phone and access up to 10GB of mobile broadband data — basically making it a data hotspot device with phone service on AT&T's network.

The 5GB of data plan is priced at $60 monthly, while the 10GB monthly data plan is priced at $80. As with other GoPhone options, the plans operate under a "pay as you go" philosophy, being refilled monthly after the previous prepaid month comes to an end.