AT&T adds 1.2 million smartphone customers in Q1 2013

AT&T released its Q1 2013 quarterly earnings today, and the carrier added quite a few customers to its user base. 1.2 million smartphone customers signed on with AT&T during the quarter, with 296,000 postpaid customers being added on as well. As for financial results, the company netted $3.7 billion off of $31.36 billion in revenue.

Breaking down its customer base, AT&T says that 72% (or approximately 48.3 million of its customers) of the carrier's on-contract subscribers are wielding smartphones. Overall, AT&T says that this has been the best first quarter that the company has ever seen as far as smartphone sales are concerned.

As for how AT&T earnings compared to the same time last year, the company experienced drops all across the board, but nothing significant. However, the company did see a rise in net income with a 3.2% gain compared to last year. As for total operating revenue, that was down 1.5% from $31.8 billion from a year ago.

AT&T's wireless business saw big leaps, however, with a 21% rise in revenue compared to the same time last year. Total revenue for the carrier's wireless business was $16.7 billion for the quarter, and net income was $4.66 billion, which is a 4% gain compared to last year. Overall, it seems AT&T made it through a rather successful quarter, especially for being a first quarter.