AT&T Acquires Hotel Internet Provider Superclick For $15 Million

AT&T is after another large company and today we are hearing that they've acquired Superclick, the popular and widely used internet provider for many hotel and hospitality industries, at an impressive cash sum of approximately $15 million.

Superclick is a technology leader in IP infrastructure and network solutions for a wide array of hospitality industries. They design, manage and deploy the internet services for many top hotels and healthcare facilities such as Marriott Hotels International, Four Seasons, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Jumeirah, Kimpton Hotels, Mandarin Oriental Hotels throughout North America, Canada, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

While this is nothing compared to the $39 Billion in the T-Mobile deal it is a big move by AT&T. According to sources Superclick is actually being acquired by a subsidiary of AT&T at the price listed above pending the little details. While Superclick isn't widely known, they've been doing quite well. With revenue increasing over 50% this quarter and nearly 60% in the past year things are looking quite good. We don't know what all this means, or AT&T's plans with the acquisition, but with those type of revenue numbers this appears to be a good transaction for AT&T.