ATP MicroSD 3-in-1

This combo set from ATP comes with the super-tiny micro SD card and two types of adaptors. One adaptor can transform your micro SD into a regular SD card should you have digital cameras or older mobile devices that require them. The other adaptor transforms your micro SD into a USB thumb drive that you can plug into your computer. This makes transferring data between different devices more convenient. Now you can easily transfer the photos from your mobile phone over to your computer or laptop and vice versa. The microSD pictured below goes up to only 256MB. But I believe ATP offers microSD that go up to 512MB. Whatever the limit, I'm sure it wont stay the same for long. Costs around $30. For more images of the amazingly small card combo, continue on. I had a hard time not losing the small darn thing.

Here's the family portrait, exclude the dime.

The microSD with his buddies, Lincoln and Roosevelt.

The microSD plugging into the SD adaptor.

The microSD plugging into the USB adaptor.

Boy, the microSD sure gets around.