Atoms modular robotic building toy kits launch

A new and high tech set of building toys designed for kids and adults to build their own robotic creations has launched called Atoms. Atoms started off as a Kickstarter project and has now launched for everyone to be able to purchase via the company's new online store. There are multiple Atoms modules available that serve different purposes.

The Quarks are large robot kits called Bunsen and Pascal. Pascal is a sweeper that can be remotely controlled using the Atoms app and an iOS device. Bunsen is the tall and cone shaped robot. Bunsen includes a light sensor, control knob, battery, splitter, motor, and recorder. It comes as a bag of parts and you put it together to play.

Pascal is the yellow tank treaded robot and is iOS enabled designed to be controlled from a smartphone. The Pascal kit includes a light sensor, Bluetooth Atom building block, and a pair of medium Atom motors along with other parts needed to build the robot.

The company also offers a Popper Prankster kit and a Magic Wave Wand that allows builders to create illusions and tricks using the Atoms kits. One of the coolest features of the Atoms building kits is that you can also build on them with Lego blocks allowing expanded building options. The Pascal building kit includes everything you need to make the two-wheeled robot and sells for $79.99. The iOS enabled Pascal kit sells for $119. The Prankster kit is $49.99 and the Wand kit sells for $99.99. Individual Atoms modules for different uses range in price from $9.99 to $17.99.

SOURCE: Myatoms